Solo Challenges

Even the strongest players need to put the work in to win.

In Solo Challenge Mode, your mission is to get 3 stars in each event before the end of the season.  For every Challenge you beat, there’s a nice reward.  And if you achieve 3-star across-the-board glory?  Riches beyond your imagination (if you are imagining HypCash, Trophies, and massive bragging rights, that is).

What else is great about going solo?

You can play at your own pace, by yourself. There are 10 levels in Solo Mode with over 200 events, each with different line-up configurations and scoring rules.

Each level has a three-win criteria that gets more difficult as you advance. As you win each level, and collect stars, you’ll win rewards and start unlocking new events, sets and levels.

Can you get 3 stars on all of the Solo Challenges? We believe in you, hot cakes. Now go get you some!