H2H Leagues

Feel like smashing other people’s dreams of glory? Head-to-Head Leagues is for you. With H2H Leagues, you get the opportunity to compete in multi-player events with players from around the world.

How H2H Leagues Work

The league you play in depends entirely on you and your experience level. New players start in the Rookie leagues, but you can advance quickly into the Pro, Veteran, and All-Star Leagues, if you are playing to win. The higher the league, the more HypCash and Coins it will take to compete, but also the larger the rewards.

H2H Choices

There are two types of H2H choices, multi-day and single-day. You can play one. You can play both. This is your show.

Multi-day H2H

Your multi-day H2H includes four similarly experienced players, and you’ll play each person one time. A Championship round is scheduled for the final day. In the Championship game, the top players play against each other, and the bottom two players play against each other for final competition standing. Prizes are awarded for winning your head-to-head match, and a bonus prize is awarded to the Top Dog (person with the highest score in the H2H match). You may also receive a bonus prize depending on your final multi-day standing. The higher your standing against your four competitors, the larger your prize.

Single-day H2H

Single -day H2H pits you against one player. It’s truly a one-on-one battle to see who has the better roster. The stronger your roster, the better your chances to win. Be sure to train your players, and level them up before your single-day H2H event so that you can have the upper-hand. The prizes are awarded immediately following the match. Are you ready for H2H action?