Basket Brawl

Basket Brawl is the live action 3-point basketball game where you compete against other players for cash and prizes. Sink as many baskets as you can before time runs out. It’s you and the clock against the world! Winners receive cash, and everyone receives HypCash.

Daily Competition

Enter “HypSports Live” to see the full calendar of daily events, then play each game at it’s scheduled time.

Game of SKill

Basket Brawl is a live action game. When the buzzer sounds, it’s time to get as many balls in the hoop as you can before time runs out!

Score Big

Great at sinking baskets? Winners score big with Basket Brawl by taking home a cash reward, and everyone who plays gets in-game reward that can be used in other HypSports games. Have you got what it takes?