It’s good to see leaders like you continue to dominate the game. As you know, there’s always a rookie willing to take your spot should you fall in your ranking. The best thing you can do to keep your game its strongest is to stay mentally sharp. Since this isn’t a typical fantasy sports game, it isn’t enough that you check in everyday and update your roster. You need to know your sport. That means watching it. Reading about it. Living it. And, if you’re serious about being the best HypSports player you can be, you need to dive into the other sports, as well.


Talk with other players: We’ve got links to latest news, player forums and social platforms that can help you stay at the top of your game.


Don’t leave free HypCash and Coins on the negotiation table.

  • Visit the other active sports daily and collect your cross-Sport HypCash.
  • Invite friends to play on Facebook.
  • Review the game (We really do listen to your feedback!)

Veteran Shortcuts

Here are some shortcuts to features that will help you keep doing all the good work you’ve been doing.