It’s no secret, most players skip through the tutorial when they download the app because let’s get to playing!  Right?  And yet, we know even the grittiest players can use tips and tricks and, yes, even an quick walk-through.  This series of tutorials has it all for every type of player, whether your game is football, basketball, hockey, baseball, or League of Legends, we’ve got you covered.

How to Play HypSports

Learn the basics needed to dominate the competition.


Learn about the Collections feature and how it makes building your ultimate rosters faster… and more fun.

Season Showdown

Learn the rules of Season Showdown Mode.

Building Your Roster

Learn about all of the various ways to build up your player roster in HypSports.

Upgrading Players

Learn how to upgrade your players to maximize their scores.

Submitting Your Lineup

Find out how to CREATE and SUBMIT your best possible lineups.

H2H Leagues

Learn how to take on other players to win extra coins.

Solo Challenges

Learn how to play Solo Challenges to win extra coins and trophies.