HypSports releases statement and statistics supporting the growth opportunities of delivering a variety of interactive content to sports fans on a single platform

ORLANDO. FLORIDA (May 18, 2018) – HypGames Inc. — an Orlando, FL based sports technology leader and producer of sports game app, HypSports — released a statement today today by CEO Mike Taramykin following the Supreme Court ruling on sports betting in the U.S.:

“This week, the Supreme Court determined that the federal ban on sports betting as established by the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PAPSA) is unconstitutional, paving the way for the legalization of online and offline sports betting in all 50 states.

The decision has huge implications for the ability of fans to interact with teams and players in the digital realm. HypGames has already begun building a diverse ecosystem of interactive content that appeals to a variety of fans. Our mobile app, HypSports, provides a suite of content that ranges from casual free-to-play sports trivia and mobile games, to deep year-round fantasy sports, all in a single app and with a single user profile. With legal sports betting on the horizon in the US, we recognize an incredible opportunity to potentially broaden our offerings even further.

The recent court decision unlocks new opportunities for the industry, and we believe that we are at the forefront of that evolution. We know that fans are competitors — hungry to see their name in lights. But we also know they are all individuals, with diverse tastes in entertainment and competition. Platforms that appeal to all types of fans with various games, such our platform HypSports, are the future for this new engaged fan.”

Additionally, Taramykin released stats from the HypSports platform that point to behaviors the industry can expect to see as this new gaming space evolves:

  • Free sports trivia games have resulted in a 300% jump in users on the HypSports platform since they were added a month ago – highlighting the appeal of casual games to sports fans.
  • The addition of casual trivia players has directly lead to a 40% increase in season-long fantasy usage in the HypSports app – pointing to some fans’ interest in even deeper year-round engagement.
  • 40% of HypSports in-app purchases from fans who come in via one sport occur as they engage in additional sports – showing that interactive games can be designed to increase fan engagement across variety of content.
  • The success of a recent promotion with Nikita Kucherov on the HypSports platform points to fans’ desire to feel connected to star players – opening up new opportunities for daily engagement through special events that tie directly to the real world of sports.


HypSports is available to download free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android devices.

For more information about HypSports, visit hypsports.com.

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About HypSports

HypSports is developed by a team of sports games, mobile games, and fantasy sports veterans, with decades of experience developing sports-focused products. With a successful track record of more than two decades of hit video game development, the HypSports team knows sports fans and gamers. Their first company, Hypnotix, created the popular Outlaw Sports series before being acquired by Electronic Arts in 2005. At EA SPORTS, the team led the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and launched the first groundbreaking free-to-play versions of Madden NFL.

HypSports gamifies the world of sports and esports and delivers it all to fans in a single free-to-play app while building a community of live competition for sports fans and gamers alike. HypSports believes that the future of sports is in direct consumer engagement and microtransaction, creating new opportunities that go beyond traditional sponsorship, licensing and merchandising models. HypSports’ unique combination of sports, esports and live daily content creates always-on engagement for fans, teams, leagues and their sponsors.