Now that football is underway, baseball is heading towards playoffs and League of Legends is on the cusp of Worlds, it’s time for you to SHOW US YOUR LINEUPS to win prizes! HypSports is where #FansCompete.

Entering the #FansCompete promotion is as simple as taking a photo of your lineup. It can be either a photo of you with your Showdown Lineup or a screen grab of your lineup. Post your lineup photo to your social media with the following information:
– Sport you are playing (football, baseball, League of Legends)
– The current week (football), series (baseball) or playoffs (League of Legends)
– Tag it with #FansCompete and #HypSports

That’s it. You’re automatically entered to win. There will be a winner each week. We will announce the prior week’s winner each Tuesday.

Now show us your lineups!