Promotion Codes

What fun is competition unless we give you every opportunity to be competitive? That’s the thought behind our new Promo Codes.

You can win star players, HypCash, HypCoins and other rewards using our new promo codes. We’ll try to give you a head’s up in the game by announcing our promotions, but the best way to see the promo codes is to follow us on social media. To recap, here’s what you need to do:


Follow us on

Enter Promo Code

  • To enter a general code, select the PromoZone button.
  • Select the Enter promo code button.
  • Next, tap on the text field to enter a PROMO CODE, then tap SUBMIT when you are done.

Receive Your Rewards

You will automatically be notified of any rewards that you have won. Keep in mind, some promo codes will only work for a limited time, or have different rewards based on the number of people who have used the codes. The best way to be sure you get the biggest reward is to follow us on social media and enter the promo codes as quickly as possible after we’ve posted them. We will be posting new promo codes for new top-rated and in-game players each week, as well as information on any limits or timing issues for that promo.

Quick hint. Promo codes only are valid for a limited time. And the first people to use the promo codes, receive the largest rewards!