HypSports Player Profiles

We’re fans of our players. HypSports player come from all over the world, are of various ages and have different backgrounds. Some of them play traditional sporting games, like Madden NFL or NHL 18; some of them are fantasy players who love to dig into player stats and organize their lineup for head-to-head leagues and Season Showdown; and some of them love to collect and craft their rosters and are mobile gaming fans. What do they all have in common? They love sports, and they came to compete! 

Let’s take a look at some of the unique players that make HypSports the best fantasy sports app for fans.

The Hoover Family

Location: Des Moines, WA

The Hoover family in Des Moines, WA are daily players and active on social media. They came to HypSports when one of the Hoovers, Skott, found HypSports on Facebook and started playing. He soon introduced the game to his brothers, Shane and Sean. Sean convinced his wife Lauren to play. Lauren told her brother, Dillion. They also told their uncle, Kris. Now, the family uses HypSports as a way to fuel one of their favorite things: Competition.

Let’s meet the Hoover family:

Skott H., Shane H., Sean H., Lauren H., Kris H. and Dillon | Ages: 19-42

  • Joined to play: Most of the Hoovers came to play hockey, while Kris started with Baseball and Basketball. They each also joined for the fun of trying to beat each other in H2Hs and on the Showdown leaderboard. Sean explains, “I was just getting into hockey when I found this app. Because of it I know more now than I ever could have imagined about players and the sport. I’ve even gotten into basketball!”
  • Are playing: While they still play their favorite sport, each of the Hoover crew now plays all the HypSports sports and esports: NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB and League of Legends.
  • Best thing about HypSports: Lauren explains, “We constantly compete against each other in 4-day H2H Leagues. We send messages and screen shot our ranks, players, and lineups. The trash talking never stops and the battle to be top Hoover is intense. It gets pretty competitive, and we love it!”
  • Would love HypSports to add: MLS soccer, Rugby and UFC.
  • Top tips: These expert players have some good advice, including: Watch the tutorial videos. Follow HypSports on social for promo codes. Play all the sports to get the most rewards, and take advantage of Collections.

ADC Wildsquirtle

Location: The Netherlands

When we say that you take on the world in Hypsports, we mean it. Take ADC Wildsquirtle from the Netherlands as an example. He joined us originally to play League of Legends but now plays every sport we offer, and he credits the game with helping him understand more about each sport and with influencing him into watching his first-ever baseball game.

ADC Wildsquirtle | Age: 21

  • Joined to play: “LoL. I’m really addicted at watching everything related to League of Legends more than playing it.”
  • Is playing: “Literally everything because of HypSports, I even watched the baseball final at 1 a.m. – 4 a.m. because i couldn’t sleep. It was the first baseball game ever watched in my life.”
  • Best thing about HypSports: “It’s easy to understand and it gives you more knowledge of multiple sports.”
  • Would love HypSports to add: “Football, or as you call it, soccer. Since I’m from the Netherlands I watch it a lot so that would be amazing.”
  • Top tip: “Play every sport there is. You might win a t-shirt for a sport you don’t even watch, like I did early this season in Football.”


Location: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

HypSports is one of the top sports apps in Canada, and it’s hockey fans who got it there. Folks like Jonni in Mississauga who is active in social media and checks into HypSports for his rewards each day. Jonni may be a fairly new player, but it hasn’t stopped him from climbing the leaderboard.

Jonni | Age: 25

  • Joined to play: Hockey.
  • Is playing: “Every sport so I can make that HypCash for my hockey team!”
  • Best thing about HypSports: “All the different things to do with your team including Season Showdown, Head-to-head League matches and Solo Challenges.”
  • Would love HypSports to add: “Soccer and Overwatch!”
  • Top tip: “Play every sport, even if you don’t know the sport. It’s an easy way to earn Hypcash for the sport you want to focus on! Hypsports makes it super easy and understandable to set your lineups for any of the challenges, even if you don’t know any of the players or even the sport itself!”