HypSports players ask great questions. Here’s one that comes up often, and is good practical knowledge, especially for new HypSports gamers. If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, comment below or send us a message.

Player Question: What is the deal with player uses?

Answer: Great question. To answer, let’s start by talking about Head-to-Head Leagues and Solo Challenges since player usage are directly tied to these games, and are not a factor in Season Showdown. As we mentioned in a recent blog, playing H2H and playing Solo are a great way to get more coins and rewards. But H2H and Solo go beyond just getting you more coin for future players, they make your game experience thrilling. They offer more gameplay opportunities for those who love to compete, even if, in the case of a Solo Challenge, it’s only against one’s own ability to know which players to match with which game day achievements.

Why is this all important? Because the player usage stats tell you how many times a specific player can be used PER DAY in H2H and Solo. Once you use the player in one, that is the only time he can be used for H2H and Solo that day. The next day, you can use him again.

New players are often surprised when they get a player card more than once. Picking up multiple player cards can help you complete more Solo challenges faster and knock out H2H competitors on the regular. So having multiple uses of a great player is a good thing!

Your best players are automatically entered into Season Showdown every game day and no uses of those players are consumed for that entry. So if you have 2 uses of a great player that’s in your Showdown lineup you will still have 2 uses of him for use in H2H’s and Solo Challenges.

Now go get you some more rewards, and collect more players. It’s time to get your H2H and Solo games on!