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League of Legends (LoL) is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where two teams of five players compete to try and destroy each others “home base” (The Nexus). The first team to take out the opposing team’s Nexus wins the game. There are professional teams that compete in leagues all over the world playing League of Legends. In HypSports, you’ll be building a roster of these professional players and teams, and you’ll earn fantasy points based on how well they perform during their gameday matches. It works just like the other sports in HypSports!


We support the following LoL Leagues and Tournaments:
NALCS – North American League Championship Series
EULCS – European League Championship Series
MSI – Mid-Season Invitational
WORLDS – League of Legends World Championships

NALCS and EULCS make up the majority of the events that you’ll play in LoL with EULCS matches being played from Friday thru Saturday and NALCS matches being played from Saturday thru Sunday. You’ll have Monday through Thursday to get your roster prepped and your lineups set!
The Mid-Season Invitational and World Championships are big tournaments that take place at the midway point of the LoL season and the end of the LoL season respectively. You’ll see an influx of new players and teams during these tournaments.


LoL players have a star rating in HypSports just like in all sports we offer. Their star rating at the beginning of the season is based on their performance from last season. From then on, their performance in the current season will dynamically affect their star ratings. For example, if a player starts out as a two-star player but is having a great scoring season it will drive their star rating up. When looking for a good player to put in your lineup, star ratings are a good first indicator of quality, but you’ll also want to look at their avg FP rating (displayed in their player shield) as well as their performances over the last several matches (to see if they get a lot of playing time).


The players in your active lineups will score fantasy points as they play in each real-world match. Below is a breakdown of the individual scoring categories for players and teams. You can also find this information in the player details modal/spotlight when their game is live.

KILLS: Your player will earn fantasy points for each opponent he kills in the match.
DEATHS: Your players will receive a negative score each time they are killed in a match.
ASSISTS: Your player will earn fantasy points when they help another teammate kill an opponent.
MINIONS: Your player will earn fantasy points based on how many of the opposing team’s Minions they take out.
>10 KDA: This score is the combined total of your kills and assists, divided by your number of deaths. Your player will receive fantasy points based on how
well they score in this category.
W/L: Your player will earn points for winning a game. Typical LoL matches are made up of multi-game series, so there is usually more than one game per match.

W/L: Your team will earn points for winning in a match. Same as for “Players W/L” above but awarded to your team.
FIRST BLOODS: Your team will earn points each game of the match in which they are able to kill the first opponent.
DRAGON KILLS: Your team earns fantasy points for killing one of the opposing team’s Dragons.
BARON KILLS: Just like with Dragons above, your team earns fantasy points for killing one of the opposing team’s Barons.
TOWERS DESTROYED: Towers help defend each team’s Nexus. Your team will earn fantasy points for each one of these they can take out.
KILLS: Your team will earn fantasy points based on the total team kills they can tally up.


One of the coolest things about LOL in HypSports is that you can watch the live match stream directly in the game (both web and mobile versions). Once your player’s match goes live, go to the SCOREBOARD screen of any competition they are in. From there you’ll be able to watch all the live action and keep tabs on how your lineups are doing all at the same time. If you are new to LoL you’ll definitely want to give this a try because it’ll help you learn the game and it’s extremely entertaining to watch.

About Author Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.


In this blog I’m going to go over the basics of what you can expect with HypSports Soccer since it’ll have some slight differences from other sports. Once you read through the list, I think you’ll agree that they are awesome differences. So let’s get started.

1. THE WORLD’S BEST LEAGUES: Hypsports Soccer is going to include the top 5 leagues in European soccer within a single sport in our game. Whenever any of these leagues have a season match, you’ll be able to enter soccer events in HypSports. That’s over 300 European soccer league fixtures a season! The leagues we will support at launch are:
-The English Premier League
-Spain’s La Liga
-The German Bundesliga
-France’s Ligue 1
-Italy’s Serie A

2. THE WORLD’S BEST PLAYERS: Your lineups in HypSports Soccer will be made up of all of the players across all the teams in all of the leagues mentioned above. That’s over 2000 of the world’s best players for you to pick from. And you can use these players in your lineups to create any dream combination of soccer stars that you can come up with. You wanna put DeGea, Kimmich, Verratti, DeBruyne, Sterling, Messi & Mbappe all in the same Lineup? Go for it!

3. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND EUROPA LEAGUE: To sweeten the pot, we’ve also added support for the Champions League and the Europa League to HypSports Soccer. So what does this mean? It means that you’ll be able to use any of your players from the 5 European leagues listed above that are currently competing in either the Champions League or the Europa League. So say you have Cristiano Ronaldo on your roster. That would be awesome, right? Well, you’ll be able to use him in your lineups whenever he plays a season league fixture with Real Madrid AND when he plays a Champions League match with Real Madrid!

4. ALL THE MODES YOU LOVE: HypSports Soccer will support all of the modes and features you enjoy in the other sports.
H2H Leagues will include single-day events that begin and end every individual matchday. Soccer will work more like how NBA and NHL events do, as opposed to NFL that spans multiple days within a single contest window.
Solo Challenge will include over 200 individual challenges for you to compete in every matchday.
Season Showdown series’ will include daily qualifying rounds Monday thru Friday, followed by a Saturday knockout round and a Sunday Series Final. There will be a two week Season Showdown Playoff and a two week Season Showdown Finals spanning the last four weeks of the European Soccer season schedule.
PromoZone promotions will be included in soccer as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for available promotions and weekly promo codes.

5. IT’S A WORLD CUP YEAR!: We’ll save that for the next blog. 🙂


About Author Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.

NFL Playoffs – Prep Your Roster and Plan Your Victory

With the NFL regular season coming to an end, it’s time to manage your roster to prepare for your playoff run and to see if you can win the Ultimate Showdown Cup.

Once the regular season ends, only 12 of the NFL teams will make the playoffs. The other 20 are eliminated. What do you do with your players from those eliminated teams? You have a couple of choices. You can sell them for coins or you can use them in the Bench to Bronze Collection, if they’re rated 2 stars or below. There is no need to hold onto any players who are eliminated – the 2018 HypSports Football Season will start with a fresh roster.

With your extra coins, you should be thinking about either acquiring new players or leveling up your existing players, and it’s a good idea to focus on players whom you think will go far into the playoffs (think Super Bowl). Probably not the best strategy to be acquiring a bunch of Cleveland players at this point, for example.

Once the playoffs start, you’ll still be able to enter H2H Leagues and Solo Challenges, and the Season Showdown will enter its Playoff phase. During this phase, you will have an opportunity to get promoted to a new division every gameday. This includes Wildcard Saturday, Wildcard Sunday, Divisional Saturday, Divisional Sunday, and Championship Sunday.

Once the Super Bowl teams are decided, the Divisions for the Season Showdown Finals will be locked down, and you’ll have 2 weeks to get your final lineup set and leveled up for the Super Bowl. Your Fantasy Score from the Super Bowl will determine your final Season Showdown ranking – and now is a good time to start thinking about that. Do you like New England? Pittsburgh? Philadelphia? Minnesota? Someone else?

Now is the time to start making your playoff push – good luck!

Jeff Luhr is a Design-gineer (Designer/Engineer) at HypSports with 20 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s worked in various roles with EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. When he’s not playing HypSports, Jeff’s hobbies include fishing and golfing.

Player Uses – Tip of the Week

HypSports players ask great questions. Here’s one that comes up often, and is good practical knowledge, especially for new HypSports gamers. If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, comment below or send us a message.

Player Question: What is the deal with player uses?

Answer: Great question. To answer, let’s start by talking about Head-to-Head Leagues and Solo Challenges since player usage are directly tied to these games, and are not a factor in Season Showdown. As we mentioned in a recent blog, playing H2H and playing Solo are a great way to get more coins and rewards. But H2H and Solo go beyond just getting you more coin for future players, they make your game experience thrilling. They offer more gameplay opportunities for those who love to compete, even if, in the case of a Solo Challenge, it’s only against one’s own ability to know which players to match with which game day achievements.

Why is this all important? Because the player usage stats tell you how many times a specific player can be used PER DAY in H2H and Solo. Once you use the player in one, that is the only time he can be used for H2H and Solo that day. The next day, you can use him again.

New players are often surprised when they get a player card more than once. Picking up multiple player cards can help you complete more Solo challenges faster and knock out H2H competitors on the regular. So having multiple uses of a great player is a good thing!

Your best players are automatically entered into Season Showdown every game day and no uses of those players are consumed for that entry. So if you have 2 uses of a great player that’s in your Showdown lineup you will still have 2 uses of him for use in H2H’s and Solo Challenges.

Now go get you some more rewards, and collect more players. It’s time to get your H2H and Solo games on!

Tip of the Week: Improving Your Roster

Each week, we will take a player’s question and answer it as our Tip of the Week. If you’ve got a question you’d like answered, let us know!

Player Question: How can I improve my roster?

Answer: We get variations on this question all the time. Better players = more fantasy points = better opportunity for success, that’s the simple math that seems to work. Of course, it’s important to remember that HypSports plays your lineup in live events, and it’s a fact that even great players have bad games. Top rated players are no guarantee for success, but let’s face it, they help! So how can you get the best quality depth in your roster?

  • Compete in Solo Competitions and Head-to-Head Leagues: Our top players collect rewards by using all the competitive modes in the game. The Solo and H2H events can earn you big rewards, but you have to play them to win them.
  • Collect Your Daily Rewards: We reward you every two and eight hours with cash, coins, players and collectibles. If you aren’t checking in often to pick up your freebies, then you are missing out on reward opportunities.
  • Collections: Have you been in Collections yet? It’s a fun and easy way to get free players, Player Packs and coins. We give you collectibles with your daily rewards (every 2 and 8 hours), so make sure you are collecting them and redeeming them for players and coins (which you can then spend on players in the store).
  • Sell Players: There’s no reason to hold onto players that will never make your lineup. Sell them back and get resources you can use towards the players you want. You can also trade them in for collectibles.
  • Use Promo Codes: Now that we’ve introduced promo codes into the game, we plan on using them often and in fun ways. Follow us on social media and check in daily to the game. Promo codes only last for a limited time, so it’s up to you to never miss a free player.
  • Invite Your Friends: If you link your account to Facebook, you can invite as many friends as you’d like to play. For each one that downloads the game, you are rewarded with HypSports resources that can be used to buy players.
  • Enter the #FansCompete contest: The contest is weekly. Post your lineup on social media, tag our page and use the #FansCompete hashtag. You’re automatically entered to win the player of your choice. Play every week. And you can win more than once. The winner is random, so everyone who enters is qualified to win.
  • Visit the Store: You can’t expect to always be awarded the players, sometimes it’s wise to use the HypSports resources you’ve been collecting to purchase Player Packs and Free Agents.

And if you don’t have the bandwidth in these busy days to shape your roster over time, we do offer micro-transaction which allow you to purchase the resources needed to improve your roster. These are also available at the store.

Remember, competition is worldwide and the people in your Season Showdown and the ones you face in Head-to-Head matches are strategically picked to be competitive AGAINST YOU. You don’t need to be the best in the world (although we applaud you when you are!) to have fun and beat other HypSports players. In fact, we have players at all levels, so focus on beating the person above you on the leaderboard. If you start there, you’ll always have fun. Good luck and keep playing!

Introducing Collections: Next Level Gaming to Level up Your Lineup

The ultimate fantasy app for gamers has added collections! The newest update from HypSports introduces an additional way for you to collect and upgrade your ultimate roster. While Collections is challenging, it’s also easy-to-learn and a great way to get a better roster and more rewards. We’ve added a new tutorial to our website (Tutorials ), but here’s the lowdown in four easy steps.

How does it work?

Collect your Collectibles. You will receive your free Collectibles when you check into HypSports throughout the day. The free rewards you collect in each sport (available every 2 and 8 hours), now include these special Collectibles.
Visit the Collections section of the game just as you would visit the store Click on the menu bar in each sport. The top option in that menu is now Collections. Go into this section and fill your Collections to receive coins, players and special collectible cards.
Submit your Collectibles and win rewards. Collections can be filled with your Collectibles in a way that is similar to how you edit your lineup. Some Collections offer rewards for your items, and some offer you the opportunity to trade in your lower rated players for other collectibles to be used to upgrade your roster.
Fill the Collection. Push Submit. Receive your reward.

It really is that easy, and best thing of all Collections are additional free rewards! So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity. Go upgrade your roster!

League of Legends Worlds 2017: Three to Watch

It’s League of Legends Worlds 2017, and it’s an exciting time! Teams around the world come together to duke it out for the World Championship. The first week saw some surprises during the play-in stage and first knock out rounds. Since it’s the best time of the year for LoL fans, I thoughts I’d breakdown some of my favorites for you from the 24-team tournament. Here are my top three teams to watch:

SK Telecom T1

The South Koreans know a little something about success in the esports world. Coming into Worlds 2017 ranking number one in the world, SKT1 is looking to add another notch in their prize belt. Despite a key player Profit leaving to join NiP, the team has remained dominant throughout the season. SKT1 has spent some time to analyzing weaknesses with Top and Jungle and they are my pick to defend their crown this year in China.

Team WE

Some might disagree with me on this one, but I think this China-based squad has what it takes to perform in Worlds. Team WE have performed through adversity with losing 2 out of 5 domestic qualifiers just to reach Worlds. With that said, Team WE have a couple of things going for them, one being that they are impossible to prepare for due to their team selection diversity. I also believe having Worlds being held in China will lift these local fellas up come championship time. It would be foolish not to anticipate a big showing from this team. They will be exciting to follow!


I always love a good underdog story, and I believe that story for Worlds 2017 may be the Misfits. This UK-based team does what a lot of teams don’t. With a heavy and exciting proactive approach to matchups, the Misfit team plays the objective in matches better than most teams. The only thing this team lacks is overall experience. I do believe there is a lot to be said for competing internationally in just your first year as a team. I think the Misfits can shock a lot of viewers come the 23rd. Look for them to perform better than expected!

Be sure to tune in to Worlds 2017 and keep HypSports next to you the whole time as some games will be streamed live right in the app!

About Michael Szalajko
Michael Szalajko is a graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in Sports Marketing and Media. He also interned with companies such as PBC Boxing and the WWE. Being a Chicago native, he knows a little something about what makes sports fans tick. Along with being an avid sports fan and writer, Michael finds fun in his other passion: tabletop gaming. He is the owner of and will be opening House Rules Board Game Bistro in April near his residency in Orlando, Florida. When he is not glued to every sports broadcast imaginable, some of his hobbies include: playing hockey, sports video gaming, fantasy sports, and being a dad and husband.
You can reach out to Mike at:
Twitter: @BeardedDReviews
Instagram: beardeddicereviews

Show Us Your Showdown Lineup, #FansCompete Promotion

Now that football is underway, baseball is heading towards playoffs and League of Legends is on the cusp of Worlds, it’s time for you to SHOW US YOUR LINEUPS to win prizes! HypSports is where #FansCompete.

Entering the #FansCompete promotion is as simple as taking a photo of your lineup. It can be either a photo of you with your Showdown Lineup or a screen grab of your lineup. Post your lineup photo to your social media with the following information:
– Sport you are playing (football, baseball, League of Legends)
– The current week (football), series (baseball) or playoffs (League of Legends)
– Tag it with #FansCompete and #HypSports

That’s it. You’re automatically entered to win. There will be a winner each week. We will announce the prior week’s winner each Tuesday.

Now show us your lineups!

Welcome to the League of Legends World Championship… HypSports Style!

The League of Legends (LoL) World Championship starts on September 23rd, and this is great news because it opens up a whole new dimension to playing LoL in HypSports. In this blog post I’m going to help you get ready for Worlds.

Make sure you start adding new players and teams to your roster for the League of Legends Worlds Championship right away. There are a bunch of new teams with new players that haven’t been available up until now competing in Worlds, so it’s a good idea to start collecting as many players you can. This way your roster is as competitive as possible during this critical stretch of the season.

Soon you’ll be able to start acquiring packs and free agents that include the players and teams that are competing in Worlds. And remember, you can sell your unwanted players in HypSports. Selling players is a great way to earn some extra coins that you can use to acquire new players. Once the World Championships start, don’t stop collecting new players! You’ll have the entire tournament to collect and compete.

And one more important thing, make sure to level up your new players to be super competitive! Keep on collecting those Skill Points so you have a bunch to use when the new players and teams become available.

Once the World Championships begin you’ll battle it out in the League of Legends Season Showdown Playoffs and Finals.

THE PLAYOFFS – First, you’ll compete against others in the Playoffs, trying to climb the Division Ladder during the NALCS and EULCS Regional Qualifiers and then in the World Championship Play-In and Group Stages. The division you finish the Playoffs in will be your Season Showdown Finals Division. There are no cut lines in the playoffs, your only goal is to move up the Division Ladder (and not down) before the Finals begin.

NALCS/EULCS Regional Qualifiers (Sep 8-10) – 3 Playoff Series
World Championships Play-In Stage (Sep 23-29) – 6 Playoff Series
NALCS/EULCS Regional Qualifiers (Oct 5-15) – 8 Playoff Series
Single-Stage and Single-Round
One series every game day
Divisional Promotion and Relegation

THE FINALS – Good news! Everyone makes the Season Showdown Finals. Once the Finals start, you’ll be competing in the Finals Division you qualified for in the Playoffs (i.e. The Division you ended the Playoffs in). Your goal is simple: Compete throughout the World Championships Knockout Stage against others in your division and try to clinch the Season Showdown Cup. There are no cuts in the Finals either, so keep collecting players and teams and fighting for the Cup!

Single-Stage and Multi-Round ( 7)
World Championship Quarterfinals (Oct 19-22) – 4 Rounds
World Championship Semifinals (Oct 28-29) – 2 Rounds
World Championship Finals (Nov 4) – 1 Round
Series begins on the first Quarterfinal match and ends after the Final match.
Most Series Standings Points Wins


Remember to start building up your World Championships rosters as soon as possible. The more players and teams you can add to your roster, the better your chances will be of winning the Showdown Cup.

About Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.

HypSports Keeps Evolving

Being a fan of fantasy sports is quite simple, the only variable from year to year is the pro player roster change. New modes are few and far between, and the mold has never been broken. And then HypSports came into my life. My last couple months with the app has been filled with hours of learning the ins and outs. And when I think I have it all figured out, HypSports flips the switch and adds new features.

Let’s take a look at the new Season Showdown update, and I will give you a tip that saved my team last week.

The Main Menu Looks Even Sharper.

Though a minor change, HypSports, in its Season Showdown update, was able to take a sleek design and make it even more user friendly. For us fans of fantasy sports, it all comes down to where we stand against others. The new design has all this important information in the main pages header. If I want to check what my world ranking is, it is merely a glance away (btw – my world rank is pretty awesome in baseball.) Along with theses aesthetic changes comes the technical side of things.

For whatever reason, the HypSports app feels a lot faster. Now switching from H2H to challenges feels much faster. I can’t explain how or why, I just know it makes the life of a sports fan like me quite enjoyable. For me, it is beyond impressive to see so much information crammed into the main menu and yet it never looks cluttered.

Now, This is What I Call a Season Mode.

The biggest and most notable HypSports update is that of Season Showdown mode. This new mode blew me away. Season Showdown automatically selects your best projected lineup for you, and has you compete against the world in a full live season. The greatest thing about this mode is the fact that the matchups are based solely on roster skill. This means you will always have a matchup that is fair and balanced.

One sweet feature found in Season Showdown is you don’t need to spend tickets, in HypSports, tickets are a huge commodity. The whole set up of this new mode is no risk and pure reward. Season Showdown is the ultimate experience that includes a playoff system which I can’t wait to see in action.

Quick Tip.

Being in a H2H game can really be stressful, especially when you are short a position player. That was the first time I utilized the free agent feature. Unlike traditional fantasy sports, HypSports provides a unique free agency that rotates hourly. This was helpful in helping me inch out a baseball win last week. If you have a hiccup in your line up, swing by the free agent tab; it just might be your saving grace. I love the fact that any free agent purchase can be used immediately. My tip is always to have a little HypCash in reserve in order to troubleshoot quickly.

That is all I have for you this week. Be sure to give the new update a look. There are a ton of new things to do. Now it’s time to get back to earning HypCash in order to run the show come NFL football season on Sept 5th.

About Michael Szalajko
Michael Szalajko is a graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in Sports Marketing and Media. He also interned with companies such as PBC Boxing and the WWE. Being a Chicago native, he knows a little something about what makes sports fans tick. Along with being an avid sports fan and writer, Michael finds fun in his other passion: tabletop gaming. He is the owner of and will be opening House Rules Board Game Bistro in April near his residency in Orlando, Florida. When he is not glued to every sports broadcast imaginable, some of his hobbies include: playing hockey, sports video gaming, fantasy sports, and being a dad and husband.
You can reach out to Mike at:
Twitter: @BeardedDReviews
Instagram: beardeddicereviews

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