I was beyond pumped to see the addition of Collections to the HypSports app. This addition finally addresses my issue of getting more from my unwanted players. By this point, your roster can be rather bulky, and your best option was to sell the players back for a few HypCoins. Now, you also have the option to trade those players through Collections, giving you access to trade them in for future player packs and star players. Here are a few players I think you should sacrifice to the Collection feature or outright sell.

Sorry, There is a New Kid in Town

Without sounding too much like a fanboy, I was jumping for joy when Mitch Trubisky got announced the starter this past week for the Bears. But, what does that mean for Mike Glennon? The big contract signer has now lost his spot, therefore, if you have some depth in your QB position, there is no time like the present to throw him in the collection bin. With only 833 yards passing and more interceptions thrown than TDs, it is a safe bet to say you won’t see him taking snaps under center on Sunday’s anymore. Just get rid of him, he’ll be riding your bench if you don’t.

Another Giant Down

The injury bug keeps on stinging this year and now is making its way up to marquee players. It has been announced that Odell Beckham will likely be placed on the IR. The No. 1 receiver is ruled out with a broken ankle. I know there might be hope here, but I will be the voice of reason for you, let him go! Odell is a perfect candidate to add to your selling or collection pile, simply due to the fact we’re unlikely to see him again this year.

This Raider is a Lost Cause
When he entered the league, I had high expectations for Cordelle Patterson. Even though he had a couple of okay games during his time in Minnesota, it is easy to say he is a bit of a letdown then, and this is still the case with the Raiders. In this young season, Patterson has managed to only grab 9 catches for 48 yards. Unfortunately, I think that is the best you will see from him this year. If you can afford to get rid of him, do so. You have a better shot at getting a point getter through an earned or purchased pro pack.

I love the addition of Collections; now that we have multiple options for the players that aren’t in our events, it makes sense to clean house. I can’t wait to rummage through my roster and cut the fat. How is your HypSports season going? Let me know on social media! Who are you going to sacrifice to the new Collection feature or sell back to the HypSports machine? Let me know.

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