It is that time of year again when the grass is freshly cut, and Sundays are spent on the couch. Football season is back! This year will be a little different however because, like many, I will be playing daily on my HypSports app.

For anyone trying to build the ideal roster, looking at a new season can be stressful. There are so many new names to filter during the NFL preseason, few people know what to think of all the rookies. But fret not, I’m here to help. Here are three rookies that I think will rock your HypSports lineup come September 5th.

A QB in Chicago?

Ok, I need to preface this section by being completely honest. I am a Bears fan, and I am not ashamed to admit it. That aside, a rookie that has been generating a lot of buzz around the league is Mitch Trubisky. This rookie is listed as the second man in Chicago but has outplayed Mike Glennon in the first two preseason showings. After just two games he is 24/33 with two TDs and 226 yds. This kid is definitely turning heads, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets named the starter sooner than later. If you collect him for your HypSports Football lineup, I’m confident he will produce.

Believe in Christian McCaffery.

The Carolina Panthers, in my opinion, has been in the market for a marquee RB for quite some time. I think that time might be now. Christian McCaffrey, the rookie out of Stanford, is starting to stand out in the football world. His last game he carried the football for 33 yds on just three attempts and caught the ball for 39 yds. Throw in a touchdown and this guy had a pretty complete showing. There is little doubt that McCaffery should live up to the hype and become the household RB in Carolina. Do yourself a favor and throw him in your HypSports line up, you’ll look like an expert and gain a ton of points in the process.

A Titan of a Wide Receiver.

There were so many RBs showcased in the NFL draft this past year, you would have had to dig pretty hard to find a Wide Receiver. The Tennessee Titans did just that by drafting Corey Davis out of Western Michigan. I know you might be calling me crazy, due to the fact we haven’t seen him in NFL action yet, but hear me out. The Tennessee Titans lack a true 1 slot receiver, Corey Davis is bound to fit that position. Upon clearing injury, he will be good to go come week one and so will you if you decide to start him. At 6’3”, Davis is a huge target for Mariota to hit, and I’m positive you will hear the name of Davis in the same conversation as Mike Evans. Corey Davis is a no-brainer rookie to add to your HypSports roster.

Well there you have it, these three rookies are should help set your HypSports lineup on fire come September 5th. Are there any rookies you think are a sure bet? Who has impressed you in the preseason? Until next time, see you on the gridiron!

About Michael Szalajko
Michael Szalajko is a graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in Sports Marketing and Media. He also interned with companies such as PBC Boxing and the WWE. Being a Chicago native, he knows a little something about what makes sports fans tick. Along with being an avid sports fan and writer, Michael finds fun in his other passion: tabletop gaming. He is the owner of and will be opening House Rules Board Game Bistro in April near his residency in Orlando, Florida. When he is not glued to every sports broadcast imaginable, some of his hobbies include: playing hockey, sports video gaming, fantasy sports, and being a dad and husband.

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