It’s League of Legends Worlds 2017, and it’s an exciting time! Teams around the world come together to duke it out for the World Championship. The first week saw some surprises during the play-in stage and first knock out rounds. Since it’s the best time of the year for LoL fans, I thoughts I’d breakdown some of my favorites for you from the 24-team tournament. Here are my top three teams to watch:

SK Telecom T1

The South Koreans know a little something about success in the esports world. Coming into Worlds 2017 ranking number one in the world, SKT1 is looking to add another notch in their prize belt. Despite a key player Profit leaving to join NiP, the team has remained dominant throughout the season. SKT1 has spent some time to analyzing weaknesses with Top and Jungle and they are my pick to defend their crown this year in China.

Team WE

Some might disagree with me on this one, but I think this China-based squad has what it takes to perform in Worlds. Team WE have performed through adversity with losing 2 out of 5 domestic qualifiers just to reach Worlds. With that said, Team WE have a couple of things going for them, one being that they are impossible to prepare for due to their team selection diversity. I also believe having Worlds being held in China will lift these local fellas up come championship time. It would be foolish not to anticipate a big showing from this team. They will be exciting to follow!


I always love a good underdog story, and I believe that story for Worlds 2017 may be the Misfits. This UK-based team does what a lot of teams don’t. With a heavy and exciting proactive approach to matchups, the Misfit team plays the objective in matches better than most teams. The only thing this team lacks is overall experience. I do believe there is a lot to be said for competing internationally in just your first year as a team. I think the Misfits can shock a lot of viewers come the 23rd. Look for them to perform better than expected!

Be sure to tune in to Worlds 2017 and keep HypSports next to you the whole time as some games will be streamed live right in the app!

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