The League of Legends (LoL) World Championship starts on September 23rd, and this is great news because it opens up a whole new dimension to playing LoL in HypSports. In this blog post I’m going to help you get ready for Worlds.

Make sure you start adding new players and teams to your roster for the League of Legends Worlds Championship right away. There are a bunch of new teams with new players that haven’t been available up until now competing in Worlds, so it’s a good idea to start collecting as many players you can. This way your roster is as competitive as possible during this critical stretch of the season.

Soon you’ll be able to start acquiring packs and free agents that include the players and teams that are competing in Worlds. And remember, you can sell your unwanted players in HypSports. Selling players is a great way to earn some extra coins that you can use to acquire new players. Once the World Championships start, don’t stop collecting new players! You’ll have the entire tournament to collect and compete.

And one more important thing, make sure to level up your new players to be super competitive! Keep on collecting those Skill Points so you have a bunch to use when the new players and teams become available.

Once the World Championships begin you’ll battle it out in the League of Legends Season Showdown Playoffs and Finals.

THE PLAYOFFS – First, you’ll compete against others in the Playoffs, trying to climb the Division Ladder during the NALCS and EULCS Regional Qualifiers and then in the World Championship Play-In and Group Stages. The division you finish the Playoffs in will be your Season Showdown Finals Division. There are no cut lines in the playoffs, your only goal is to move up the Division Ladder (and not down) before the Finals begin.

NALCS/EULCS Regional Qualifiers (Sep 8-10) – 3 Playoff Series
World Championships Play-In Stage (Sep 23-29) – 6 Playoff Series
NALCS/EULCS Regional Qualifiers (Oct 5-15) – 8 Playoff Series
Single-Stage and Single-Round
One series every game day
Divisional Promotion and Relegation

THE FINALS – Good news! Everyone makes the Season Showdown Finals. Once the Finals start, you’ll be competing in the Finals Division you qualified for in the Playoffs (i.e. The Division you ended the Playoffs in). Your goal is simple: Compete throughout the World Championships Knockout Stage against others in your division and try to clinch the Season Showdown Cup. There are no cuts in the Finals either, so keep collecting players and teams and fighting for the Cup!

Single-Stage and Multi-Round ( 7)
World Championship Quarterfinals (Oct 19-22) – 4 Rounds
World Championship Semifinals (Oct 28-29) – 2 Rounds
World Championship Finals (Nov 4) – 1 Round
Series begins on the first Quarterfinal match and ends after the Final match.
Most Series Standings Points Wins


Remember to start building up your World Championships rosters as soon as possible. The more players and teams you can add to your roster, the better your chances will be of winning the Showdown Cup.

About Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.