The ultimate fantasy app for gamers has added collections! The newest update from HypSports introduces an additional way for you to collect and upgrade your ultimate roster. While Collections is challenging, it’s also easy-to-learn and a great way to get a better roster and more rewards. We’ve added a new tutorial to our website (Tutorials ), but here’s the lowdown in four easy steps.

How does it work?

Collect your Collectibles. You will receive your free Collectibles when you check into HypSports throughout the day. The free rewards you collect in each sport (available every 2 and 8 hours), now include these special Collectibles.
Visit the Collections section of the game just as you would visit the store Click on the menu bar in each sport. The top option in that menu is now Collections. Go into this section and fill your Collections to receive coins, players and special collectible cards.
Submit your Collectibles and win rewards. Collections can be filled with your Collectibles in a way that is similar to how you edit your lineup. Some Collections offer rewards for your items, and some offer you the opportunity to trade in your lower rated players for other collectibles to be used to upgrade your roster.
Fill the Collection. Push Submit. Receive your reward.

It really is that easy, and best thing of all Collections are additional free rewards! So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity. Go upgrade your roster!