Player Tips on Making the Most of Your HypSports Experience

When you log in to HypSports, it may seem almost daunting to look at the options they have provided to scratch your fantasy sports itch. Don’t worry rookie, it’s easy to get sidetracked with the plethora of choices, but let me give you a hand. Here are three basic beginner tips to give you a quick advantage on the competition. So sit back, grab a notebook, and let’s get you ready to chase after those sweet, sweet rings!

Tip One: Don’t Underestimate the Solo Challenges!

Unlike most fantasy sports apps out there, HypSports features a full-sized Solo Challenges mode that is independent of the online Head-to-Head (H2H) mode. As a new fantasy player, this should be one of your first stops in testing your lineup. From your sport of choice’s main menu simply press Solo Challenge, and you are given a ton of challenges to partake of. This is a great place to see if that player you have received can hack it and prove himself worthy of a call-up to the big squad (your ultimate roster). Along with Solo Challenges mode helping you make game time decisions, Solo Challenges is a great way to earn HypCash and HypCoins to beef up your team in prep for Season Showdown and the H2H Leagues. With HypSports’ easy to use interface it is literally set it and receive rewards.

Tip Two: No One is above Training and Free Stuff!

If you’re anything like me, in the heat of the fantasy sports season you spend a lot of time glued to your phone. Well, let’s put this digital obsession to good use. On the bottom of your sport’s main screen you have three really useful icons; two of which give you rewards. Do yourself a favor and utilize them. They are free rewards that can be used immediately. So if you need a third Baseman for your online league match, or are short a running back for a challenge you are dying to complete, check back frequently and collect your free rewards! The last icon in the trio is as important as the other two – it’s skill trainer. Here you can train sets of players you manage to gain skill points for specific positions. These features compliment each other. Did your last reward include a player card for a talented rookie? What better way to improve his chances and your rewards than using the skill trainer to level him up!

Tip Three: Use the Best Lineup Feature

One of the universal features of the HypSports app is the Best Lineup feature. Don’t feel bad for using it. This great feature helps us players develop a unique lineup based on the strengths of the players you own. So if you are in a bind and need to get your lineup up and running without the time available to bust out the white board, give Best Lineup a try. Whether you are a hardcore sports fan or a fantasy novice, Best Lineup can help you in chasing those HypSports trophies with no fuss.

There you have it – those were 3 quick beginner’s tips to get you the edge you need to go pro. Until next time, keep earning those points, winning those games and chasing those rings!

About Michael Szalajko
Michael Szalajko is a graduate from Full Sail University with a degree in Sports Marketing and Media. He also interned with companies such as PBC Boxing and the WWE. Being a Chicago native, he knows a little something about what makes sports fans tick. Along with being an avid sports fan and writer, Michael finds fun in his other passion: tabletop gaming. He is the owner of and will be opening House Rules Board Game Bistro in April near his residency in Orlando, Florida. When he is not glued to every sports broadcast imaginable, some of his hobbies include: playing hockey, sports video gaming, fantasy sports, and being a dad and husband.

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