League of Legends (LoL) is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) where two teams of five players compete to try and destroy each others “home base” (The Nexus). The first team to take out the opposing team’s Nexus wins the game. There are professional teams that compete in leagues all over the world playing League of Legends. In HypSports, you’ll be building a roster of these professional players and teams, and you’ll earn fantasy points based on how well they perform during their gameday matches. It works just like the other sports in HypSports!


We support the following LoL Leagues and Tournaments:
NALCS – North American League Championship Series
EULCS – European League Championship Series
MSI – Mid-Season Invitational
WORLDS – League of Legends World Championships

NALCS and EULCS make up the majority of the events that you’ll play in LoL with EULCS matches being played from Friday thru Saturday and NALCS matches being played from Saturday thru Sunday. You’ll have Monday through Thursday to get your roster prepped and your lineups set!
The Mid-Season Invitational and World Championships are big tournaments that take place at the midway point of the LoL season and the end of the LoL season respectively. You’ll see an influx of new players and teams during these tournaments.


LoL players have a star rating in HypSports just like in all sports we offer. Their star rating at the beginning of the season is based on their performance from last season. From then on, their performance in the current season will dynamically affect their star ratings. For example, if a player starts out as a two-star player but is having a great scoring season it will drive their star rating up. When looking for a good player to put in your lineup, star ratings are a good first indicator of quality, but you’ll also want to look at their avg FP rating (displayed in their player shield) as well as their performances over the last several matches (to see if they get a lot of playing time).


The players in your active lineups will score fantasy points as they play in each real-world match. Below is a breakdown of the individual scoring categories for players and teams. You can also find this information in the player details modal/spotlight when their game is live.

KILLS: Your player will earn fantasy points for each opponent he kills in the match.
DEATHS: Your players will receive a negative score each time they are killed in a match.
ASSISTS: Your player will earn fantasy points when they help another teammate kill an opponent.
MINIONS: Your player will earn fantasy points based on how many of the opposing team’s Minions they take out.
>10 KDA: This score is the combined total of your kills and assists, divided by your number of deaths. Your player will receive fantasy points based on how
well they score in this category.
W/L: Your player will earn points for winning a game. Typical LoL matches are made up of multi-game series, so there is usually more than one game per match.

W/L: Your team will earn points for winning in a match. Same as for “Players W/L” above but awarded to your team.
FIRST BLOODS: Your team will earn points each game of the match in which they are able to kill the first opponent.
DRAGON KILLS: Your team earns fantasy points for killing one of the opposing team’s Dragons.
BARON KILLS: Just like with Dragons above, your team earns fantasy points for killing one of the opposing team’s Barons.
TOWERS DESTROYED: Towers help defend each team’s Nexus. Your team will earn fantasy points for each one of these they can take out.
KILLS: Your team will earn fantasy points based on the total team kills they can tally up.


One of the coolest things about LOL in HypSports is that you can watch the live match stream directly in the game (both web and mobile versions). Once your player’s match goes live, go to the SCOREBOARD screen of any competition they are in. From there you’ll be able to watch all the live action and keep tabs on how your lineups are doing all at the same time. If you are new to LoL you’ll definitely want to give this a try because it’ll help you learn the game and it’s extremely entertaining to watch.

About Author Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.