The regular season of MLB is here, and we’re ready for hot dogs, ball caps and the return of HypSports Baseball. What do you need to know about the HypSports Baseball season? Here’s the top 5:

1. Start Strong: Everyone receives a starter pack, and no starter pack is alike. The starter pack you receive is at random. That said, returning players get an additional legacy pack based on their last baseball season’s achievements: trophies, solo challenges, H2H wins. The higher your achievements, the better the legacy player pack.

2. Game Play: Like all sports in HypSports Showdown, baseball will follow the regular season and postseason of MLB, all the way through to the World Series. You are automatically entered into the Season Showdown each week, but real fans know that you need to do more than just show up to win.
The Showdown Format:

3. 13 WEEKLY SERIES (REGULAR SEASON): 1 week series that end on Wed. during the 26-week regular season.
Stage 1: 4 Qualifying Rounds
Stage 2: 2 Knockout Rounds
Stage 3: 1 Champions Round

Single-Stage and Single-Round
One series every game day
Divisional Promotion and Relegation

Single-Stage and Multi-Round (4 to 7)
Series begins on the first game of the World Series and ends after the last game.
Most Series Standings Points Wins

4. H2H and Solo: All the traditional HypSports gaming mechanics are live and active for the MLB season. If you want to organically build your roster, the best ways to do this are to compete in H2H matches and Solo Challenges to win rewards. Use your rewards to buy packs and fill collections to upgrade your roster.

5. Don’t Miss a Good Deal: There are a lot of easy ways to build your team. We give you daily rewards and collectibles that can be traded in for players. The PromoZone always has a promo running that offers reward payouts. And check the store and packs often. We promise good deals on great players and player packs throughout the season, so if you want to get ahead, check in daily to see what’s new.