HypSports had a big year in 2017 with new sports like the NHL and League of Legends, and big features like Season Showdown and Collections. But when we look ahead to 2018, we feel like the best is yet to come. Here are the top 5 things we are looking forward to in 2018:

Soccer: The biggest international HypSports news in 2018 is that we are adding soccer (European football) in January (gotta start strong, right?) Our HypSports players have been asking for it on social media and in the Players Group, and we’re listening. All the major European Leagues and Championships will be included, so get ready for next level competition.

CS:GO: Our second esport title will be added this year too. We are proud to lead the way to bridging the gap between esports and sports. Esports are sports, after all, and esport athletes are as competitive and fierce as traditional athletes. Plus, our players continue to break all preconceived notions about esports. We have an incredibly diverse group playing both sports and esports who transcend age, geography, and gender. Sports are sports and a sporting fans loves them all.

Social Modes: A lot of players ask for new ways to compete against their friends. We like the international community that we’ve built, and love that our players build rivalry with strangers. But we also understand that you’d like to directly challenge your friends. In 2018, we’re building new capabilities that will allow you to play both against and alongside your best friends and rivals. Smack talk away!

Expanded Community: We continue to expand our community and build new ways for them to meet one another and share ideas. 2018 means more of this, including more promo codes, contests, in-game challenges, and updated player packs. Plus, new opportunities to talk direct with the game makers and maybe even some of your favorite athletes.

New Seasons: In 2018, all of your favorite sports return: NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and League of Legends. For many new players, this will be their first full season of their favorite sports, while our returning players will start the new seasons with special rewards that reflect their last season’s performance.