How it works

So you wanna be a baller?

HypSports is the ultimate sports competition for fans.  You can play along with one pro sports or esports league, or you can play them all.  Here, you are the superstar and every day is a new opportunity to leave your mark on the world of sports.  HypSports redefines fantasy sports for today’s fan.

The HypSports rules are simple – Collect, Compete, and Win.  #FansCompete

Pick a Sport

Our lobby gives you access to your choice of pro sports and esports leagues.  Play one or play them all, the option is yours and everything is always free-to-play.

Veteran Tip:  Stop by each sport daily to collect all your available HypCash. 

Build Your Roster

There are two ways to buy players: Collect them with your daily rewards or spend your HypCash and Coins. To purchase players, visit the store and choose the player pack or free agent that works for your team.

Level Up Players

Level up your players to receive more rewards in the Season Challenge, Head-to-Head Competition and Solo Challenges.

Veteran Tip:  Upgrading key players pays for itself. It takes talent to pick the right players to advance.


There are three main types of game play in HypSports. Once you are active, you are automatically entered in the Season Showdown where you’ll be ranked against teams of similar experience level for season-long competition. But Season Showdown isn’t the only way to have fun. You should compete in Solo Challenges and Head-to-head (H2H) Leagues to advance your overall roster and win HypCash and Coins.

Veteran Tip: HypSports scoring uses real-time game statistics. Watch the games!

Collect Rewards

Once you are in your sport of choice, collect your daily HypCash, Coins and daily Player Card. These riches can be used to buy pro athletes, upgrade your roster and level up your players.