NFL football. It seems like the Super Bowl only ended 193 days, 16 hours, 37 minutes ago, but who’s counting.

Okay, maybe I am counting. Maybe I am just a little excited for this season. Can you blame me?

Why am I excited? I’m excited for many reasons: the thrill of the game; my favorite teams on TV; the bonding with family and friends; good food; HypSports; many reasons.

Did I say HypSports? (Gasp.) Whaaat? I’m writing an article for the HypSports website, and I’m excited about HypSports? I know. Shocking.

But, let me lay out it for you. Here are three reasons you should play — and be excited for — HypSports this football season:

Reason #1: It’s Not Fantasy Football
Okay, I fully admit, I play fantasy football. I’ve played fantasy football for the past 15 years. It’s fun. But, it’s also time-consuming. HypSports is not time-consuming. HypSports allows you to build rosters, compete and collect rewards without having to reserve a lot of time out of your day.

On the elevator at work? Want to avoid awkward silence or conversation while you’re on the elevator? Simply open the HypSports app, collect your latest rewards, check your world ranking, see what free agents are available — and BAM — you’re now on the 2nd floor. And people say you’re lazy for not taking the stairs. Little do they know you just added Tom Brady to your lineup.

Reason #2: Real Players
Nope, it’s not fantasy football. But you are playing with real players. So, whether you have Tom Brady or Tom Savage (sorry Texans fans) as your quarterback, you have a little extra incentive to watch those “other” games on Sunday.

Reason #3: Lots of Recognition
Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or because I recently had to throw away my little league trophies to make room in my garage, but — darn it, I want recognition.

Luckily, HypSports is here to help. That’s because HypSports allows you to compete and instantly get rewarded. For instance, when playing the HypSports Baseball Season this year, I often found myself opening the app to another bounty of trophies and a higher ranking in the game.

Pretty cool, huh? You can even see where you rank compared to your friends.

So even if your boss won’t give you recognition, HypSports will.

In Summary:
Now I think about it, the three reasons above are applicable to any sports or e-sports season when you play HypSports. Not only football season. But as a fan of football, and a new fan of HypSports, I’m excited to see my favorite game for baseball and esports make the upcoming football season even more exciting for me and my friends.

About Doug Wise
Doug Wise lives in Orlando, FL with his wife, daughter and son. Each fall he leaves his wife for football, often taking his kids with him. His favorite team is the Buccaneers, having grown up in St. Pete, Florida. Go Bucs!