You’ve got questions? You’re in the right place. Here are our most frequently asked questions (FAQ). If we don’t have the answer here, don’t be a quitter, you can get the answers you seek by reaching out to us direct in the app by clicking the “Get Help” button. If you play on Facebook, you can send us a private message. You can also get a hold of us through any of our social networks. Other great resources for getting answers to your HypSports questions include joining our Player Group on Facebook and watching our Tutorials. Happy players mean fiercer match-ups in the h2h leagues. We want to keep you focused on your roster and the win. It’s go time!

What do the different icons mean?
The icons in the game are used to indicate a player’s status. Not all icons are used in every sport.

  • Status Alert – Check player info for details
  • Not Starting or No Game
  • Probable Starter
  • Confirmed Starter
How do you determine a player’s star ratings?
Each player has a star rating from 1 to 5 (including half stars). This rating is updated each time a player plays, and it indicates how good a player has been performing. Since it’s based on recent performance, it is the only metric you should use in determining who to put in your roster. Even a low-rated player can put up big numbers on any given day!

What is the Star Cap?
Leagues have a Star Cap, so that players can’t simply fill their lineup with 5-star players and call it a day. Be aware of the star cap, and learn how to utilize your other players. The best roster host a good balance, and the Star Cap keeps you strategizing.

Do high star-rated players cost more?
Yes. They are harder to earn, more expensive to buy and they cost more to level up.

How can I acquire players?
There are a number of ways to acquire players. When you start playing, you are given an initial set of players. These players, while not rated the highest, are solid contributors that will help you win some Solo Challenges and H2H Challenges

You can also acquire new players throughout the day by claiming your free Bonus Packs.

Once you’ve earned enough Coins of HypCash, head to the Store. At the Store, you can find individual different pro players for purchase. You can opt for a Free Agents or purchase a Pro Draft Pack or Elite Draft Pack.

How come my player disappeared from my roster?
Most likely, your player was a limited-use player. When you acquire a new player, there are some that are only available for a single use. Use these players wisely in your H2H and Solo Challenges. Using them in Season Showdown does not count as a use. When you acquire a player, note that if they are single-use only, there will be a +1 adjacent to their player icon.

What does the +1 mean next to my players icon?
This player is available to be used only one time in a H2H League or Solo Challenge, so use them wisely.

How do I level up my players?
Training your team to collect the needed Skill Points to level up your players. The training option is the third of the three reward options in your sport, and simply one of the best things you can do to strengthen your lineup.

There are three types of training: Warm-ups, Drills and Scrimmage. Each type is progressively more difficult and will require more recovery time. The more difficult the training the more Skill Points that are rewarded.

Skill points that are earned can be used to ‘Level Up” the player or players of your choice. As a player’s level increases, so does his Fantasy Bonus %. This bonus can make a huge difference in tight competitions.

Can I sell my players?
Yes!  When you have inactive players, it’s a smart move to sell them back for extra coins. The selling price of a player is based on their Star Rating and Level. To sell a player, open the player card. You’ll see options for Upgrade (level up), Stats and Sell.  Activate the sell option.

What’s the deal with trophies and rings?
Your primary goal is to upgrade your ring to the highest level possible before your season ends. To upgrade your ring, you need to win trophies.

Trophies are earned in H2H Leagues, Solo Challenges and Season Showdown. In H2H Leagues, trophies are awarded for H2H wins, Top Dogs and League Championships. In Solo Challenges, one trophy is awarded each time you win a new star, and bonus trophies are rewarded for defeating and completing sets and levels. In Season Showdown, trophies are earned based on how high you finish each Series.

How do I change my lineup?
Staying on top of your lineup is key to winning, as a player’s status can change at any time. In Season Showdown, your best starred lineup is automatically entered; however, it’s important to note that stars are only a reflection of recent play, not of future play. If you think someone if going to have an outstanding game, it’s a good idea to make the change. Ultimately, you are responsible for having the right players in your roster.

Your lineup can be edited at any time leading up to the start of a match. After that time, they will be locked. To change your lineup, click on your roster. You can swap out a player but clicking on the player card you want to exchange and pushing the red icon OR you may remove players quickly from your lineup by swiping down and moving them into your general player pool. You may add any player from your pool that is available for play. Availability is indicated by the green icon next to their name.

What do I use my tickets for?
Tickets are required to join a new H2H League or a Solo Challenge. Season Showdown does not require a ticket. Your tickets automatically refresh on a timer. If you’d like to enter more events, you can always go to the store to acquire more tickets.

How does scoring work in the game?
There are a variety of scoring rules for each sport and each event. Check out the RULES page within a H2H League or Solo Challenge to get a more detailed look at the scoring rules.

What happens if a game is suspended or postponed?
If a game is suspended or postponed, any players in your lineup from that game will not count towards your score. Their spots will unlock, so you can replace them. Check your lineup often!