HypSports adds a cash prize basketball competition to their free Mobile Game Platform for sports fans

ORLANDO, FLORIDA (June 19, 2018) – HypGames, Inc. — a sports entertainment leader — announced today they’ve added an arcade action basketball competition to their free mobile game platform, HypSports. The game is the second on the HypSports platform that offers real cash to winners. In an industry first, it combines the appointment mechanics of popular trivia apps with the skill-based action of best-selling sports video games.

The new competition joins HypSports’ full schedule of daily digital events, including the season-long sport and esport fantasy game, HypSports Showdown, and the daily trivia show, Trivia Clash.

“The success of HQ Trivia does not go unnoticed in our industry. They’ve proved that people want to compete in live daily events for cash prizes. We’ve used our background in creating some of the most popular sports video games to build a new kind of playable media channel that offers sports fans and gamers a daily destination to feed their competitive nature in a variety of ways,” said Mike Taramykin, CEO of HypSports.

With the introduction of Basket Brawl, HypSports sets a new standard as the only mobile contest app that offers a full schedule of both daily and season-long competition.

In addition to providing a schedule of events, the HypSports platform allows on-the-spot event creation, custom competitive events, and unique partnership opportunities, including integration into live sporting events.

“We’re already working on our next release. This is just the beginning,” said Taramykin.

HypSports is available to download free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android devices.

For more information about HypSports, visit hypsports.com.

About HypSports

HypSports is developed by a team of sports games, mobile games, and fantasy sports veterans, with decades of experience developing sports-focused products. With a successful track record of more than two decades of hit video game development, the HypSports team knows sports fans and gamers. Their first company, Hypnotix, created the popular Outlaw Sports series before being acquired by Electronic Arts in 2005. At EA SPORTS, the team led the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR franchise and launched the first groundbreaking free-to-play versions of Madden NFL.

HypSports gamifies the world of sports and esports and delivers it all to fans in a single free-to-play app while building a community of live competition for sports fans and gamers alike. HypSports believes that the future of sports is in direct consumer engagement and microtransaction, creating new opportunities that go beyond traditional sponsorship, licensing and merchandising models. HypSports’ unique combination of sports, esports and live daily content creates always-on engagement for fans, teams, leagues and their sponsors.


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