In this blog I’m going to go over the basics of what you can expect with HypSports Soccer since it’ll have some slight differences from other sports. Once you read through the list, I think you’ll agree that they are awesome differences. So let’s get started.

1. THE WORLD’S BEST LEAGUES: Hypsports Soccer is going to include the top 5 leagues in European soccer within a single sport in our game. Whenever any of these leagues have a season match, you’ll be able to enter soccer events in HypSports. That’s over 300 European soccer league fixtures a season! The leagues we will support at launch are:
-The English Premier League
-Spain’s La Liga
-The German Bundesliga
-France’s Ligue 1
-Italy’s Serie A

2. THE WORLD’S BEST PLAYERS: Your lineups in HypSports Soccer will be made up of all of the players across all the teams in all of the leagues mentioned above. That’s over 2000 of the world’s best players for you to pick from. And you can use these players in your lineups to create any dream combination of soccer stars that you can come up with. You wanna put DeGea, Kimmich, Verratti, DeBruyne, Sterling, Messi & Mbappe all in the same Lineup? Go for it!

3. CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND EUROPA LEAGUE: To sweeten the pot, we’ve also added support for the Champions League and the Europa League to HypSports Soccer. So what does this mean? It means that you’ll be able to use any of your players from the 5 European leagues listed above that are currently competing in either the Champions League or the Europa League. So say you have Cristiano Ronaldo on your roster. That would be awesome, right? Well, you’ll be able to use him in your lineups whenever he plays a season league fixture with Real Madrid AND when he plays a Champions League match with Real Madrid!

4. ALL THE MODES YOU LOVE: HypSports Soccer will support all of the modes and features you enjoy in the other sports.
H2H Leagues will include single-day events that begin and end every individual matchday. Soccer will work more like how NBA and NHL events do, as opposed to NFL that spans multiple days within a single contest window.
Solo Challenge will include over 200 individual challenges for you to compete in every matchday.
Season Showdown series’ will include daily qualifying rounds Monday thru Friday, followed by a Saturday knockout round and a Sunday Series Final. There will be a two week Season Showdown Playoff and a two week Season Showdown Finals spanning the last four weeks of the European Soccer season schedule.
PromoZone promotions will be included in soccer as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for available promotions and weekly promo codes.

5. IT’S A WORLD CUP YEAR!: We’ll save that for the next blog. 🙂


About Author Mike Devault
Mike Devault is a Jack-of-all-Trades Producer at HypSports with 17 years of experience in the interactive games industry. Over the years, he’s served as in many roles from QA Tester to Creative Director at companies like EA Sports, Zynga and FanDuel. Mike’s looking forward to competing against you in HypSports.