In the NFL, there are surprises each and every week, often up to the last week of the regular season. Injuries happen and big moves are made to revive teams with lackluster starts. For this week’s report, I have hand-picked three receivers you should look to add to your HypSports roster. Time to take advantage of the mid-season shakeups.

The Redskins
Sometimes other’s misfortunes can become an person’s opportunity. This is the case for Washington Redskins’ wide receiver Ryan Grant. If you haven’t had an eye on this guy, take a good look. With Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder, and Earl Thomas out, expect Grant to step up his game. He is sure to add some real points to what started as a lackluster 250-yard season. If you can grab him, now is the time to do it!

The Lions
My next pick is a guy that I think is undervalued in Detroit. His name is Marvin Jones. Write that down. This guy is only now starting to show his true value. Coming off a 128-yard game with Golden Tate still in the lineup, Jones’ game is looking up. Jones’ is a real prize,, in my opinion, now that Detroit is going away from RB Theo Riddick as a number two target. This means big things for the underrated Marvin Jones. If you are looking for a nice supplement sleeper to round out your HypSports team, Jones is an option.

The Ravens
Sometimes those old vets show signs of re-upping their careers, this looks to be the case with Baltimore’s Jeremy Maclin. Coming off a good week with 98 yards receiving, he raised eyebrows, mine especially. And it doesn’t hurt that he has Joe Flacco back in action behind center. This combo is something that we need to watch. A comfortable receiver and quarterback relationship is a dangerous one and that might be what we are going to start seeing for the Ravens. If you get the chance, grab Maclin.

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