We are in the part of the NHL season where teams really start hitting their stride and staking their claims. One thing we’ve come to depend on is that in hockey there is always Good, Great and some Ugly too. Let’s take a look at three that, in my opinion as a huge fan, fit that description:

The Good
It’s tough to look at Ottawa’s lack of recent success and imagine them being in the “Good” column. But they’ve been getting steadily better in recent years and building on their strengths. A lot of that has to do with players like Mike Hoffman. Hoffman is proving to everyone he is a first-line caliber player and one of the best assist men in the league. This year is no different. Already with 4 goals and 9 assists in just 14 games, Hoffman is a great addition to any HypSports lineup. If you can get him in your roster, use him in your lineup. I don’t think he will disappoint you.

The Great
You can’t spell great without using the letters KANE, well I guess you can, but you know what I mean. This week’s great is none other than Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks. You have heard his name a time or two (or three or four) recently and rightfully so since he has become one of the best goalscorers in the league. As winner of the Hart Trophy (MVP Award) last season, Kane is a beast among men. He’s already off to a great start this year with 5 goals, 9 assist, and 14 points, Kane is picking up where he left off last season, and it’s real fun to watch. If you have Patrick Kane on your roster, count yourself lucky and count me jealous – I’m saving up my HypCash for him.

The Ugly

This week’s ugly pains me even to mention, due to the fact that he was once one of the most dominant defensemen in the league and a personal favorite. Zdeno Chara has fallen off the map, and I think his days may be numbered in the NHL. With 1 goal and 4 assists in 13 games, he’s not posting points the way he once did, and that’s okay because he’s a defenseman and he should be judged on presence, not points. Unfortunately though, Chara has slipped even further south in the physical department. It is a bummer to see this happen, since he’s a veteran leader and strong captain, and when he retires, which I imagine will be soon, he leaves a strong legacy. But for now, there are better players to collect for your HypSports’ lineup.

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