This year has been beyond crazy in the NFL with injuries, key players under performing and some utility players having big games — and there is still half a season left. My HypSports team has been up and down all year due to those unpredictable injuries. This week I’d like to take talk not about players, but about teams and their overall performance. Here are a couple teams that are lighting it up and one that has few to zero players that will get you the HypSports fantasy points you need.

The Eagles are Making it Look Easy

The Eagles are playing on a different level right now. It would be a lie to say that this team’s success wasn’t a complete shocker to me. With the best record in the NFL at 7-1, the Eagle squad is looking fantastic. If you have any HypSports players from Philadelphia, keep them and put them in your lineup. Right now, the team looks like they are going to finish just as strong as they started. My only concern is week 12 and 15, weeks where they face tough competition in the Seahawks and Raiders. Circle those dates because that might be a hiccup for this monster of a team and their HypSports point-making ability. But otherwise, the Eagles will keep your HypSports team flying to the end of the year.

The Vikings are Steering the NFC North Ship.

The Vikings are no foreigners to regular season success in the NFC North. They are sitting pretty on top, and it looks like they will remain there. What does this mean for your HypSports team? If you have anyone on this defense, I’d make them starters! Their last eight games are with the division, and that’s a good thing for them as the NFC North is injury ridden. One player you can keep off your squad though, Sam Bradford. He just isn’t making the needed fantasy points to make him worth keeping.

The Bad News Browns

Some things don’t change in football year to year. My heart goes out to Browns fans, but the only consistency here is bad football. With a horrid 0-8 record the Browns can’t catch a break and neither can your HypSports team if you decide to start any Browns player. Whether it is the lack of football poise or the estate sale of quarterbacks, this team cannot figure it out. There have been some close matchups, but they were still losses and mostly to terrible teams. If you have any of these guys on your team, get rid of them, earn a bit of HypCash (or trade them in at Collections) and rebuild. If you are depending on a better second half of the season it just isn’t going to happen.

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